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Welcome to ChessCentric! If you want to meet up online with friends and play casual games of chess then this is the ideal place to do so. Registration is totally free. If you would like to share your chess biography with others then you are welcome to complete a short set of questions about your chess career to date. These will ONLY be shared with other members on the site. If you don't choose to answer all the questions, then no matter just enjoy the experience of competing with other members!

Whoever plays on this site has a profile and is assigned an estimated ELO chess grade based on their games against other members. ChessCentric is a small community of beginners and strong intermediate chess players who are interested, above all in improving ... Please email us any games that you might have played recently and annotated (greg@chesscentric.org). If they are interesting then we'd be happy to publish them on this site in our "Game of the Month" section. Unlike many other sites, it is the intention of this site to encourage practice and achievement, therefore ChessCentric aims to publish 6 puzzles a week to challenge our members. At a later date we intend to publish full study plans for our members depending on their level and what they want to achieve.

In the meantime why not register, have a browse around the site, and most importantly enjoy your chess!

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The Chess Tactician - http://chess-tactician.blogspot.com
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Coming up in 2013 ...

Castle Chess: 5th Portsmouth Congress, The Royal Beach Hotel, St Helen’s Parade, Southsea, Portsmouth PO4 0RN MAP Contact: Tony Corfe Email: tony@tcs-chess.demon.co.uk – OPEN (including Premier U180), Major U160 (including Intermediate U140), Minor U120 (including Challengers U100)

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Here's a handy little Android App to convert ELO to/from BCF and USCF. This is available from the Android Market and FREE!

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Aronian vs. Anand - 75th Tata Steel Chess - 2013
Blackburne's fondness ...
Blackburne's fondness for drinking whisky at the board once led him to down an opponent's glass. Shortly afterwards, the opponent resigned, leading him to quip, "My opponent left a glass of whisky en prise and I took it en passant". In an interview with a liquor industry publication, Blackburne once claimed that drinking whisky cleared his brain and improved his chessplay.
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